Stress from home and work can take its toll on you physically mentally and emotionally. From the energizing benefits of swimming, training, and aquatic exercise to the exceptional health rewards and relaxation of exercise and fitness, Catalina offers endless options of swim and fitness spas.

The Catalina Swim Spas deliver quality and performance, all wrapped up in a stunning contemporary style.  Catalina’s pumps and river jets will give you a swimming experience that is far superior to any other swim spa. The resistance is fully adjustable and gives swimmers the option to customize the flow.  Add in the Pro Pole or Exercise equipment to give yourself the total fitness package. 

Catalina Swim Spas offer value, with features and quality from a name you can trust.  So join the Catalina Swim Spa revolution where you can explore and enjoy your very own Swim Spa in the comfort and convenience of your home.


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